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MANUELA 'the portuguese'

Balcony table with hydraulic tile
‘¿Queres tomar um copo com Manuela a portuguesa?’
This is a limited edition of our balcony table; it's Manuela 'the portuguese'. 
This product has a special story: thanks to some friends, last spring we met Sean, an irish craftman who works manufacturing hydraulic tiles in Fronteira, Portugal.
We went to visit him and, after a strange travel and some misunderstanding we discovered a fabulous world of handmade mosaics with extraordinary drawings and colors. Among many tiles we found the same Sean made especially for the portuguese house of our friends in Barbacena. Beautiful!
So we decided to make a special edition of Manuela for our friends, dedicated to his wonderful house, to the good times spent there, to Sean and Portugal, a country we love...
Manuela ‘the portuguese’ has the same characteristics of others: steel structure red painted, handmade hydraulic tiles, surface 40x20cm and cords attached to the railing. Important: maximum width of the handrail is 5cm (1.96inches).
Design: Francesco Monaco + Alejandro Tamayo
Estimated delivery: 7/10 days
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