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table for balcony with hydraulic tile

Have a coffee with MANUELA!

MANUELA is a little table for Madrid balconies and everywhere.
It was born from the wish of having a coffee in the unused balconies in the neighbourhood of Malasaña in Madrid, that takes its name from the historical lady Manuela Malasaña.

MANUELA 3.0 is a piece of folded steel (maximum width of the handrail: 5cm). The shelf is made with 2 mediterranean hydraulic tiles. It has no legs and no installation needed.  You just have to lean on the railing of your balcony and, if you want, you can tie it. It’s ready to use on sunny days.
MANUELA 3.0 is a limited edition made with a classic tile model with different shades of blue.
Design: Francesco Monaco + Alejandro Tamayo
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